What is Paytm Wallet Transit Card

What is Paytm Wallet Transit Card? How to activate it, know its benefits, uses and how it works?

What is Paytm Wallet Transit Card? How to activate it, know its benefits, uses and how it works?

Paytm Wallet Transit Card is recently launched by Paytm on 29th November 2021. If you want to know what are Paytm Wallet Transit Card, how does it work, what are their uses, benefits, how to activate them, then here you are going to get detailed information about them.

Just for this, you will have to read this article carefully, at some point you must have used Paytm while making payment in any shop, mall or online, if not then you must have heard their name, many people use Paytm today. Provides many latest facilities to the customers. Paytm Wallet is very easy to use. Any new user can run it easily. Due to all these features, Paytm App is very popular.

Paytm keeps adding new features from time to time for its users. This time with Paytm Wallet Transit Card , another such new facility has come. So let us know what are Paytm Wallet Transit Card and how to activate them.

What is Paytm Wallet Transit Card
What is Paytm Wallet Transit Card

What is Paytm Wallet Transit Card?

Paytm Wallet Transit Card is a card created by Paytm that can be used for any online transaction. It can work even if it is not linked to your bank account. It is like a prepaid and Rupay card that can be used to make all kinds of payments. You just need to have enough balance in your Paytm Wallet. Or you can also link with your Paytm Payment Bank.

This card will work on the theme of One Nation One Card , that is, you can use this card for many things. This card can be used at all merchant outlets or online websites.

Who can use Paytm Wallet Transit Card?

This card can be used by every person, just for this full KYC of Paytm should be done. If you have not done Paytm Kyc yet, then do full KYC today and take advantage of many offers.

Keep this in mind for doing Paytm Kyc :- 

  • You must have an Aadhar card which is linked with the mobile number.
  •  Must have PAN card.
  • You must be 18 years old.

Where can I use Paytm Wallet Transit Card?

Any customer can use this card to make payments in metro, state government buses, parking and toll plazas. Apart from this, you can also do online shopping, electricity bill payment, withdraw money from ATM. According to the official statement of Paytm, this card can be easily done in work like banking and any kind of online transaction.

How to Activate Paytm Wallet Transit Card?

What are Paytm Wallet Transit Cards I have told you so far   Told about how to use it, now I am going to tell you about how to activate it. Which are the following steps :-

1. First of all open Paytm App in your mobile. After that go to Paytm Wallet option.

2. Now scroll down a bit and you will see the option of Paytm Wallet Transit Card. OK on Activate Now.

3. Now you will be given a little introduction about Paytm Wallet Transit Card, how it works, what are their benefits. Read it and click on Activate button.

4. On clicking on the Activate button, you will be asked to enter the Passcode. Enter your Paytm Bank passcode.

5. After entering the passcode, your Transit Card will be created successfully and a message will be received from Paytm on your mobile in which information will be given. Huh

6. After your Paytm Wallet Transit Card is created, all the details of the card like Number, CVV, Expiry Date etc. will be shown.

7. Under these you get the option of Order Your Physical Wallet Card, from where you can also ask for its Physical Card in future. Also you can manage your card.

Benefits and Uses of Paytm Wallet Transit Card

There are many benefits and uses of this card which are as follows:-

  • Pay Anywhere Online – With this card you can do any kind of online transactions
  • Shop At Any Store – Along with online shopping, you can shop from any shop, mall etc. market. You can swipe or tap this card to make payment anywhere.
  • It can also be used offline.
  • Metro & Bus Payments – In any type of journey, payment can also be made to vehicles like bus, metro etc.
  • Your Spends in Your Control – You can control this card according to you. In these, the facility of Spend Analytics has been given. With which you can also track your expenses.

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FAQ related to Paytm Wallet Transit Card :-

Q – When was Paytm Wallet Transit Card launched?

Ans :- Paytm Wallet Transit Card has been launched on November 29, 2021. Through this card, more than 50 lakh passengers can be helped, who use metro, buses and rail services daily.

Q – Are there charges for Paytm Wallet Transit Card?

Ans: – No, there is no charge for this card. You can use it absolutely free. If you order a physical card, there may be a charge.

Q – How does Paytm Wallet Transit Card work?

Ans:- It works like a debit card or prepaid card. Which is only linked to Paytm Wallet. You can also sweep or tap it.

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