Convert Live Photo to Video or GIF on iPhone 2021

 Convert Live Photo to Video or GIF on iPhone 2021

Live Photo is a still image that captures and the immediate moments prior to and following the photo. Sometimes, you’ll catch a truly memorable moment in the form of a Live Photo. In most cases, when you upload Live Photos the Live element is removed and only the still image is shared.

What if you were able to share your initial “live” moment with someone other than yourself? At present, the only way to send an Live Photo from one Apple device (iPhone, iPad, or Mac) to another is through AirDrop.

How to convert Live Photo into Video on iPhone, iPad

If you wish to share it via the internet, but still retain all of the “live” features, you have to save the file in GIF or Video. Video or GIF and then upload it on the preferred platform.

We’ll discuss the process of converting an Live Photo to Video or GIF on iPhone or iPad

How to convert Live Photo into Video on iPhone, iPad

It’s pretty easy to convert the Live Photo into Video or GIF on the iPhone or iPad. You don’t require any third-party software to accomplish this. The steps below will show you on how to turn an Live Photo into a video on the iPhone.

  1. Launch Photos in the Photos application on either or off your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Click on click on the albums tab Scroll down, then click on Live Photos..
  3. Choose the Live Photo that you want to convert into video.
  4. Click on the Share icon at the bottom left corner.
  5. Tap on Save as Video.

The chosen Live Photo will be saved in the Photos app as a video.

Notification 1. It is important to note that the Live Photo effect has to be selected in order for it to function. If another effect such as Loop or Bounce is selected, you will not be able to see any Save as Video option.

NOTE 2: Step 3 above: will be able to choose multiple Live Photos by clicking Select from the top-right corner. Then, tap onto the live photos you would like to convert then continue with the steps #4 and #5. This would result in one video with all of the Live Photos that are stitched together.

Save Live Photos or Videos in GIF to your iPhone, iPad

Sometimes, it is necessary to convert an existing Live Photo (or video) into the format of a GIF. Although there isn’t a native software solution for this right out of the gate however, we’ve created an easy Shortcut to assist you in converting the already existing Live Photo into a GIF.

These steps will show you on how to install the Shortcut and transform an existing Live Photo into a GIF on your iPhone or iPad.

How do you convert Live Photo or Video as GIF using shortcuts

  1. Make sure you have “Allow Untrusted Shortcuts” is disabled. Navigate to the Settings app, then click on Shortcuts and check the settings.
  2. Start the Create GIF Shortcut Scroll down, then tap the Add Shortcut that is not trusted..
  3. The Launch Create GIF by clicking on My Shortcuts tab.
  4. Choose a Live Photo or Video in the Photos app you wish to convert into GIF.
  5. If the media you choose is an Live Photo, you might have to set the value for Seconds per Photo. This defaults to 0.2 and the smaller the number the smoother the animation of the GIF. Give the value, then tap “OK”.
  6. You’ll be able to preview your GIF. Click “Done” to reveal your Share menu.

On your Sharing Sheet You can either download this GIF picture to your Photos app by selecting an option to save image option, or send it to your contacts via any compatible app.

Notice: If you’re looking for an app that is specifically designed there are numerous applications (e.g., Lively) on the App Store that allow users convert a live Photo and Video GIF. GIF.

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